Kim Ng Fact or Fiction
Writing by Me > 2006

Essay published in the catalogue of Kim Ng’s solo exhibition “Fact or Fiction”.

There’s something intriguing about how bookstores arrange their shelves: fiction and non-fiction. It implies two separate worlds operating along different… Read more

Detail of 'Mare Clausum/Closed Sea'.
Exhibitions > 2006

A temporary installation commissioned for the lobby of the Australian High Commission Kuala Lumpur. Green construction netting was sewn into a full suite of sails, as if for a sailing ship. For 3 weeks, these were suspended from six pillars by yards of green rope. Visitors were forced to walk all the way around to… Read more

Detail of 'Executive Toy'.
Objects > 2006

An ‘executive toy’, placed inside a glass case, and made of ceramic balls that feature the logos of the 27 political parties registered in Malaysia (as of 2006). The popular desk ornament known as the ‘executive’s toy’ or ‘Newton’s cradle’ is a set of suspended steel balls that demonstrates the conservation of momentum and energy. Thought… Read more

Writing by Others > 2006

A conversation with Wong Hoy Cheong published in the catalogue of my solo exhibition “Fourth World”.

Wong Hoy Cheong: Can you begin by telling me more about this exhibition? Why the Australian High Commission (AHC)? How did you come up with the theme for your exhibition, and why the title Fourth World… Read more