Performances > 2010

I invite people to have a drink with me. We use plastic cups, connected by string. After we have toasted each other, we stretch out the string and I tell them to scream or laugh as loud as they can into the cup. I listen to them through my end — if I hear them… Read more

2nd Beyond Pressure Publication cover
Writing by Me > 2010

My experience at “2nd Beyond Pressure International Performance Art Festival” in Yangon, Myanmar. Published in Off The Edge, Feb 2010.

In December 2009 I found myself in Myanmar again, attending the 2nd Beyond Pressure Performance Art Festival. I was there for… Read more

Writing by Me > 2010

Review of Liew Kwai Fei’s solo exhibition “Paintings for All Ages/Paintings with Extended Space”. Published in Off The Edge, Jan 2010.

If you attended public primary school in Malaysia, maybe you’ll remember a particular type of exercise book whose pages were divided in half – the top was… Read more