Drawing, Illustration & Works on Paper > 2006

Two related series, each with seven works. Part of my solo exhibition”Fourth World” at the Australian High Commission KL. “Paper Shores” are long, narrow strips of paper have been dipped repeatedly in dye mixed with seawater. “Plastic Shores” are strips of clear perspex poured over and over with a mixture of cement, glue and seawater in varying shades of grey. Read more

Drawing, Illustration & Works on Paper > 2005

A series of drawings and collages for my first solo exhibition Boats and Bridges at Reka Art Space. The shapes are developed from the tops plaster casts made by pouring plaster into plastic bags (please see ‘Benua Dalam/Inner Continents‘, a related series of sculptures). The collages are made from coloured crepe paper, then held out… Read more