Audiences viewed the works with handheld flashlights.
Exhibitions > 2007

An exhibition about banned books. “The totalitarian order depends for its very existence on a precarious equilibrium. Without the heretic, the rebel, the writer, the state crumbles: yet by tolerating him, the ruler equally well seals his fate. As least by implication, Big Brother’s mighty system disappears because he wanted to eradicate the dissident –… Read more

Detail of 'Mare Clausum/Closed Sea'.
Exhibitions > 2006

A temporary installation commissioned for the lobby of the Australian High Commission Kuala Lumpur. Green construction netting was sewn into a full suite of sails, as if for a sailing ship. For 3 weeks, these were suspended from six pillars by yards of green rope. Visitors were forced to walk all the way around to… Read more

Detail of 'Boats'
Exhibitions > 2005

Two installations from my first solo exhibition, Boats & Bridges, at Reka Art Space, Petaling Jaya. In ‘Bridges‘, lengths of barricade tape are wrapped around a pillar and weighed down by plaster casts. These were made by pouring plaster into different sized plastic bags, their round shapes and flat surfaces formed by filling a once… Read more

Exhibitions > 2004

An installation with unfired clay text and joss sticks. Developed in my final year at art school at Victorian College of the Arts. Because the joss sticks are stuck into wet clay on site and allowed to dry, the work must be remade each time it’s exhibited. Every version — four, so far — has… Read more