Objects > 2012

An updated and portable version of “Sensors“, an interactive installation based on statistics of banned books in Malaysia. The buzzwires — central to the 2007 series — are now housed in sleek black boxes and powered by batteries. Each is fully functional; comes with a high-pitched buzzer and bright signal light; and is designed to… Read more

Detail of 'Executive Toy'.
Objects > 2006

An ‘executive toy’, placed inside a glass case, and made of ceramic balls that feature the logos of the 27 political parties registered in Malaysia (as of 2006). The popular desk ornament known as the ‘executive’s toy’ or ‘Newton’s cradle’¬†is a set of suspended steel balls that demonstrates the conservation of momentum and energy. Thought… Read more

Objects > 2006

A pen, compass and pocket watch have their components dissected, and hung in a wooden box. Shown in Signed and Dated: 10th Annivesary Exhibition at Valentine Willie Fine Art, 2006.                                  

Benua Dalam/Inner Continents: Filter (Paul Auster), 2005, Plaster, pigment and photocopy transfer.
Objects > 2005

A series of plaster casts, in shades of pale pink, made by pouring plaster into different sized plastic bags. Each piece has a text or body organ transferred onto its flat top surface. I thought of the words as floating continents within the body, mingling amongst the internal organs. These were part of my first… Read more

Objects > 2005

A clockwork piece with clock-hands modified to hold graphite, installed in a wooden frame with spare container of graphite pieces. It was shown with a¬†companion piece called ‘Drawing Maching Drawing 24 Hours’ at WWF-Malaysia’s Art for Nature 2006 exhibition, Rimbun Dahan.