Detail of 'Plastic River' by Sharon Chin.
Exhibitions > 2008

A joint exhibition with artist Lydia Chai. We met in art school in New Zealand and became friends. I returned to Kuala Lumpur; Lydia now lives in Auckland. In this series of drawings, installations and video at 67 Tempinis Gallery, we explored ideas of distance and friendship in relation to artistic collaboration. The result was an… Read more

Pocket Seas: Batu Maung, 4:45pm – Chinese, 11.5cm x 14cm, Hand drawn map (graphite, color pencil and charcoal on paper), wooden box, hand-bound old dictionary printed with images transferred from mobile phone video.
Exhibitions > 2008

Of the many things brought along when moving to a foreign land, language is the one closest to us. It resides deeply in the body, spirit and mind. When these arrive in the new land, language arrives too. In 2008, I spent 4 months on Penang island, whose capital Georgetown, is one of Malaysia’s three… Read more

Writing > 2008

Essay published in the catalogue of Liew Kwai Fei’s solo exhibition “The Rhythm of Doing”.

Each day of our lives, we perform hundreds of little tasks – we take a shower, go to work, arrange meetings, negotiate contracts, harvest food, mop floors… Read more

Writing > 2008

Essay published in the catalogue of my collaborative exhibition with Lydia Chai, “ChinChai”.

How is distance, the chasm that delineates and separates, measured in art? What are the quantifiable forms that we can employ to visually express the span of… Read more