Performances > 2007

Walking around Sydney, I was struck by the number of people passing by with headphones in their ears. It seemed that in this way people were able to refrain from engaging with or being engaged by their surroundings. I tried to think of a strategy that would allow me to talk to strangers, not by… Read more

Objects, Installations & Videos > 2007

When they were completed in 1998, the Petronas Twin Towers were the tallest buildings in the world. Although now surpassed by other nations’ skyscrapers, they have become the most recognizable icons of Malaysia’s modern development. Using my mobile phone, I shot the topmost spires of the Towers during the times of azan, the Islamic call… Read more

Solo Exhibitions & Projects > 2007

An exhibition about banned books. “The totalitarian order depends for its very existence on a precarious equilibrium. Without the heretic, the rebel, the writer, the state crumbles: yet by tolerating him, the ruler equally well seals his fate. As least by implication, Big Brother’s mighty system disappears because he wanted to eradicate the dissident –… Read more

Writing (By Me) > 2006

Essay published in the catalogue of Kim Ng’s solo exhibition “Fact or Fiction”.

There’s something intriguing about how bookstores arrange their shelves: fiction and non-fiction. It implies two separate worlds operating along different… Read more

Solo Exhibitions & Projects > 2006

Fourth World was a solo exhibition of site-specific installation and mixed media works at the Australian High Commission Kuala Lumpur, 28 April – 15 May 2006. Read more

Objects, Installations & Videos > 2006

An ‘executive toy’, placed inside a glass case, and made of ceramic balls that feature the logos of the 27 political parties registered in Malaysia (as of 2006). The popular desk ornament known as the ‘executive’s toy’ or ‘Newton’s cradle’ is a set of suspended steel balls that demonstrates the conservation of momentum and energy. Thought… Read more