Writing > 2006

A conversation with Wong Hoy Cheong published in the catalogue of my solo exhibition “Fourth World”.

Wong Hoy Cheong: Can you begin by telling me more about this exhibition? Why the Australian High Commission (AHC)? How did you come up with the theme for your exhibition, and why the title Fourth World… Read more

Writing > 2006

Essay published in the catalogue of my solo exhibition “Fourth World”.

Fourth World by Sharon Chin is an exhibition that proposes we dream within – not out of – our ordinary existence. By creating a sense of wonderment with…
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Detail of 'Plastic Shores'.
Drawings > 2006

Two related series, each with seven works. Part of my solo exhibition”Fourth World” at the Australian High Commission KL. “Paper Shores” are long, narrow strips of paper have been dipped repeatedly in dye mixed with seawater. “Plastic Shores” are strips of clear perspex poured over and over with a mixture of cement, glue and seawater in varying shades of grey. Read more

Objects > 2006

A pen, compass and pocket watch have their components dissected, and hung in a wooden box. Shown in Signed and Dated: 10th Annivesary Exhibition at Valentine Willie Fine Art, 2006.