Projects > 2006

Made with a nail, a shoebox and a mobile phone, this video shows constellations of the night sky in Kuala Lumpur on the first night of Ramadan in 2006. Comissioned for Perfomativity: 1st SEA Performance for Video Showcase (2006) at Gallery VER, Bangkok. Shown in 3 Young Contemporaries at Valentine Willine Fine Art and Between Generations at Asian… Read more

Tang Da Wu Heroes Islanders
Writing > 2006

Review of Tang Da Wu’s solo exhibition “Heroes, Islanders”. Published in The Star, 19 Feb 2006.

CREATING something usually starts with a gesture. Novels begin with the first keystroke of a keyboard, paintings with a flick of the wrist (or pushing… Read more

Yau Bee Ling On Moving Out and Moving In
Writing > 2006

Essay published in the catalogue of Yau Bee Ling’s solo exhibition “On Moving Out and Moving In”.

If there is one thing that characterizes moving out of a home and into a new one, it is the humble cardboard box. More than being a container for… Read more

Writing > 2005

Gloop Gloop

by Lydia Chai

Essay published in catalogue of my solo exhibition “Boats and Bridges”.

The impetus behind Sharon Chin’s installation “Boats & Bridges” is the artist’s recent homecoming from overseas study to KL. “Boats & Bridges” is a poem in two parts… Read more