Performances > 2014

Underneath a tree, I tie string to a bottle of honey and throw it so that it dangles from a branch. I give out spoons, asking the crowd to taste the free-flowing honey. I invite people to sit down and scream into a pillow with me. After that we eat more honey. Performed in different… Read more

Press > 2014

Article in The Heat, Aug 23 – 29, 2014 issue, about ‘My Samsung, My Best Fiend‘, a collaborative artwork with Maryann Tan for Samsung Masterpieces digital art project. The work was rejected by Samsung and the curator they hired.

Projects > 2014

Collaboration with Maryann Tan about our troubled relationship to smartphones and the workers who suffer making them. This project was for the Samsung Masterpieces digital art project – invited artists were given Samsung tablets and asked to create work on them. It was rejected by Samsung. I’ve blogged about it in-depth here and here. The… Read more

Press > 2014

My drawing of Vivian Lee was the cover of The B-Side, May – June 2014. Sadly, it was also their final issue. Included in the issue is a slightly different version of my essay ‘A Portrait of Vivian Lee’, which you can read here. This version, ‘An Encounter’ was written after my first meeting with… Read more