1st Beyond Pressure Publication cover
Writing > 2009

My experience at “1st Beyond Pressure International Performance Art Festival” in Yangon, Myanmar. Published in Off The Edge, April 2009.

The first time I heard about Beyond Pressure was when I met Moe Satt in February 2007, during his short residency in Malaysia… Read more

1_2 assembly
Drawings > 2009

Illustrations for short stories, in collaboration with Zedeck Siew and Fahmi Fadzil. Showing total disregard for our last names, we credited the project like this: Zedeck Fadzil wrote the stories (in his very own handwriting); Sharon Siew drew the pictures (with her very own color pencils); and Fahmi Chin made the neat envelopes to put them… Read more

Writing > 2008

Interview: Pendatang/Arrivals

by Gabrielle Bates

A conversation with Gabrielle Bates, published in the catalogue of my solo exhibition “Pendatang/Arrivals”.

Gabrielle Bates: Let’s start with the title of the show. I know that you struggled with finding a theme that would tie together all your concerns during this residency. Can you tell me how you came to settle on ‘Pendatang’… Read more

Writing > 2008

Review of “MATAHATI: FOR YOUR PLEASURE” exhibition. Published in Off The Edge, Nov 2008.

Matahati was formed in 1989 between a group of friends who met during their art school days at UiTM. Out of the original seven, it now consists of five… Read more

Detail of 'Plastic River' by Sharon Chin.
Exhibitions > 2008

A joint exhibition with artist Lydia Chai. We met in art school in New Zealand and became friends. I returned to Kuala Lumpur; Lydia now lives in Auckland. In this series of drawings, installations and video at 67 Tempinis Gallery, we explored ideas of distance and friendship in relation to artistic collaboration. The result was an… Read more