Performances > 2017

Street performance during May Day worker’s march in Kuala Lumpur on 1 May 2017. Read more

Performances > 2016

Street performance at Puncak Purnama protest gathering on 16 Aug 2016 in Kuala Lumpur, in collaboration with Intan Rafiza and Aisyah Baharuddin. Read more

Performances > 2014

Underneath a tree, I tie string to a bottle of honey and throw it so that it dangles from a branch. I give out spoons, asking the crowd to taste the free-flowing honey. I invite people to sit down and scream into a pillow with me. After that we eat more honey. Performed in different… Read more

Performances > 2010

I invite people to have a drink with me. We use plastic cups, connected by string. After we have toasted each other, we stretch out the string and I tell them to scream or laugh as loud as they can into the cup. I listen to them through my end — if I hear them… Read more

Performances > 2009

Performed at the 2nd Beyond Pressure Performance Art Festival in Yangon, Myanmar. On the benches of Sein Lan So Pyay garden, I laid out instructions and a pair of chopsticks. Taking volunteers in the audience by the hand, I led them each of them to a bench and bade them sit down. The instructions asked people to… Read more