Sin Chew Daily, 29 April 2012
Projects > 2012

This started out as a yellow dress I made and wore during Bersih3.0, a momentous street protest calling for free and fair elections, held on 28 April 2012 in Kuala Lumpur. The dress was covered in hundreds of hand-sewn flowers, which I meant to give away during the rally. Before this could happen, authorities fired… Read more

2012 Patterns
Projects > 2012

A video poem made for 3.11: What is to be remembered?, a video art project by Spread Video Art 2 in Japan. All the video pieces were 3min 11sec long, in response to the 11 March 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. Zedeck Siew wrote the words: “The town that I live in is by the… Read more

Graffiti on Horohira Bridge.
Projects > 2009

Sapporo, the capital of Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido, is one of the most livable cities in the world. In 2009, I spend 2 months there under the Japan Foundation’s JENESYS Creators’ Programme. The city has a wide river running through it. Each day I crossed its main bridge, Horohira-bashi, to get from my apartment to… Read more

Mobile video still, showing the spires of the Petronas Twin towers during call to Azhar prayers at noon.
Projects > 2007

When they were completed in 1998, the Petronas Twin Towers were the tallest buildings in the world. Although now surpassed by other nations’ skyscrapers, they have become the most recognizable icons of Malaysia’s modern development. Using my mobile phone, I shot the topmost spires of the Towers during the times of azan, the Islamic call… Read more

Projects > 2006

Made with a nail, a shoebox and a mobile phone, this video shows constellations of the night sky in Kuala Lumpur on the first night of Ramadan in 2006. Comissioned for Perfomativity: 1st SEA Performance for Video Showcase (2006) at Gallery VER, Bangkok. Shown in 3 Young Contemporaries at Valentine Willine Fine Art and Between Generations at Asian… Read more