Writing (By Me) > 2008

Essay published in the catalogue of Liew Kwai Fei’s solo exhibition “The Rhythm of Doing”.

Each day of our lives, we perform hundreds of little tasks – we take a shower, go to work, arrange meetings, negotiate contracts, harvest food, mop floors… Read more

Writing (By Me) > 2008

Essay about New Zealand artist Sriwhana Spong’s exhibition “Beetlejuice”. Published in Column 2: 2008 Biennale of Sydney Critical Response.

To pinpoint one’s place in the world today is not easy. One reason for this is that we can no longer be sure where anything comes from…
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Writing (By Me) > 2008

Essay about Australian artist Tony Twigg’s work. Published in “Tony Twigg: Encountering The Object”, a book edited by Gina Fairley and published by SLOT.

I first encountered Tony Twigg’s work in Aesthetics of Addiction (2006). The exhibition was the culmination of a yearlong… Read more

Writing (By Me) > 2008

Review of Lost Generation Space’s “Bangun – Abandon Project”. Published in Off The Edge, March 2008.

Since forming in early 2004, artist collective Lost Generation has produced projects that genuinely posit alternatives in Malaysian art discourse… Read more

Writing (By Me) > 2006

Essay published in the catalogue of Kim Ng’s solo exhibition “Fact or Fiction”.

There’s something intriguing about how bookstores arrange their shelves: fiction and non-fiction. It implies two separate worlds operating along different… Read more