Writing > 2008

Essay about Australian artist Tony Twigg’s work. Published in “Tony Twigg: Encountering The Object”, a book edited by Gina Fairley and published by SLOT.

I first encountered Tony Twigg’s work in Aesthetics of Addiction (2006). The exhibition was the culmination of a yearlong… Read more

Writing > 2008

Review of Lost Generation Space’s “Bangun – Abandon Project”. Published in Off The Edge, March 2008.

Since forming in early 2004, artist collective Lost Generation has produced projects that genuinely posit alternatives in Malaysian art discourse… Read more

Writing > 2007

Interview: Transcript

by Lydia Chai and Tahi Moore

Interview with Lydia Chai and Tahi Moore, published online for my solo exhibition “Sensors: Banned Books and Other Monsters”.

Tahi Moore: How does time come into your work?

Sharon Chin: I don’t have enough time! I’m working exclusively off a particular list of banned books in Malaysia since 1971… Read more

Writing > 2007

Nerd Love

by Zedeck Siew

Published online for my solo exhibition “Sensors: Banned Books and Other Monsters”.

Lately I have come to believe, more and more, that the end of sentient life, its goal, is more sentience. This is, perhaps, a foolhardy belief, one that can… Read more

Kim Ng Fact or Fiction
Writing > 2006

Kim Ng: Impressions

by Sharon Chin

Essay published in the catalogue of Kim Ng’s solo exhibition “Fact or Fiction”.

There’s something intriguing about how bookstores arrange their shelves: fiction and non-fiction. It implies two separate worlds operating along different… Read more