Between States
21 Sept – 7 Oct 2017
OUR Art Projects @ The Zhongshan Building
No. 80 Jalan Rotan, Off Jalan Kampung Attap, 50460 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We exist in a time when much of our politics finds its grounding on territory, a word tracing its origin from the Latin ‘terra’ which means ‘earth’ or ‘land’. Between States eschews this preoccupation with land – and territorial boundaries – by referencing the regional haze crisis as a departing point to contemplate possibilities of framing Southeast Asia beyond dominant constructs. In spite of an ostensible agreement between contiguous states in ASEAN to ameliorate the haze pollution, its ecological and economic impact has in recent years escalated to alarming states.

What becomes the shape of our politics when we look away from territory?

Between States initiates this inquiry as a critical attempt to resist our current geopolitical imaginary: one in which territory marks the limits of political agency. The works by the four artists in this exhibition examine the conditions and limits of the everyday practice and how that is enacted along – and against – larger, unseen forces.

Featuring installation works by Candice Ng (Malaysia/Singapore), Ian Carlo Jaucian (Philippines), Miguel Inumerable (Philippines), Sharon Chin (Malaysia).

Between States is curated by Goh Sze Ying and is one of the fourteen projects selected for Condition Report, a curatorial development workshop organised by Japan Foundation Asia Centre.