I’m continuing to collect gates and grilles as we travel. This gorgeous art deco one was taken near Jonker Walk, Melaka. Whatever happens to the building behind it, I hope they save the gate. This one is at Sam Poh Teng temple, also Melaka. We went there to search out the Sam Poh well, which… Read more

Roadtrip departure is happening today, but I still wanted to squeeze in a Fertilizer Friday. Fertilizer Fridays are interviews with artist friends. It’s about honest, casual conversation, sharing ideas + busting myths about being an artist/making art. Let me introduce a good friend and awesome artist, Varsha Nair. We met a few years ago in… Read more

Yes, me and non-husband Zedeck are packing up and going on a motherfuckin’ roadtrip. Here is our map: Here is our itinerary: I will be collecting visual material for my Epic Project. Zedeck will attempt to finish his epic book-in-making on the road. and and AND (oh, you will love this part so much)… We… Read more

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