Once again, this page was inspired by Lynda Barry‘s work. I have endless gratitude to her for showing me an approach to drawing that has less to do with skill, and more to do with the relationship between the eye, the brain and what she calls the ‘original digital devices’, the hands. This is a… Read more

I’ve been chasing deadlines the last few weeks, or been chased by them – hence the sporadic posting. I’m not going to apologize, although the words every person who’s owned a blog has typed at least a few times are right there at my fingertips, begging to be let out in groveling apology to… who?… Read more

I remember the day I drew this tree, a bunch of them were in full bloom in the park. A child stood under one, arranging a posy from fallen blooms carpeting the ground. Tree and child were outlined against the evening light. She was laughing. Adults took pictures with their smartphones. The all-knowing Internet just… Read more

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