Hello, my dear people. 

I am pregnant… with ART CHILD!

Dice have been rolled, and plans have been made. An exhibition will be happening roughly 30 days from now. 2 days only. Blink and you’ll miss it.

My heart’s beating faster. I’ve done plenty of exhibitions, but this one is going to be different. I feel it in my bones. It’s not so much the work that’s new, but the approach – the way I think and feel about… everything.

The best way I can say it is that these seeds were planted in a different ground. Somewhere deeper (and dirtier), where things have their own time, and know exactly what they’re doing, even if I don’t.  

Process, my friends.


So welcome to the motherfucking countdown! There’ll be a weed for you everyday until THE day, along with news and constant reminders that:

This is happening… I’m kind of terrified…

But excited…


and hopeful

that you’re here to join me.