I can’t talk about change without talking about moving to Port Dickson

If you were to chart the path of my life, it’d probably be a very meandering trail. Something like what an ant would make, or maybe one of those cicaks with their long bodies and sticky little feet clinging to all kinds of surfaces. 

I’d be an ant who dreams of flying with the hawks though. That’s who I am – I come in two parts. 

Moving to Port Dickson early in 2011 was one of those things I never imagined I’d do.  It’s where I stepped off the path – or sorta slid off it, rather – mumbling to myself: ‘no, not that way. Another way.’

The whole of the first year living away from the city was the equivalent of me standing beside the road I’d just stepped off, sucking my teeth and going: ‘oh shit, now what?’

I split this post into two parts. Come back and read the rest tomorrow!