A site-specific installation consisting of 300 small intaglio prints, depicting 30 different soil microorganisms. The prints are hung scattered on the wall, in between and around other artworks in the exhibition. This work is intended to be realized in the company of other artworks. Read more

STUDIOLOG is a multi-part collaborative project initiated by artists Varsha Nair and Lena Eriksson. For the first part, they invited 3 pairs of artists to have an online conversation over a 2 week period in 2017. I was partnered with Prisca Wüst, an artist working in Lucerne, Berlin and Breslau. Phase two happened in January 2018, with a week-long physical gathering hosted by Lucerne University of Applied Arts and Sciences. Read more

5 customised jackets tracing and documenting the development of my political thinking from 2011 to 2017. The jackets were bought from the numerous kedai bundle (second hand clothing shops) around Port Dickson. Shown as part ‘Between States’, a group exhibition about territory in South East Asia, 21 September – 7 October 2017 at OUR ArtProjects. Read more

This is an expansion of the Weeds/Rumpai series from 2013, which I made in the time leading up to Malaysia’s 13th General Election. It consists of paintings of weeds from my garden, painted on political party flags collected around Port Dickson, where I live. The ratio of Barisan Nasional (the coalition that has ruled Malaysia… Read more

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