Writing (By Others) > 2005

Essay published in catalogue of my solo exhibition “Boats and Bridges”.

The impetus behind Sharon Chin’s installation “Boats & Bridges” is the artist’s recent homecoming from overseas study to KL. “Boats & Bridges” is a poem in two parts… Read more

Drawing, Illustration & Works on Paper > 2005

A series of drawings and collages for my first solo exhibition Boats and Bridges at Reka Art Space. The shapes are developed from the tops plaster casts made by pouring plaster into plastic bags (please see ‘Benua Dalam/Inner Continents‘, a related series of sculptures). The collages are made from coloured crepe paper, then held out… Read more

Solo Exhibitions & Projects > 2005

My first solo exhibition Boats & Bridges held at Reka Art Space, Petaling Jaya. The exhibition featured two installations, a series of objects, and a series of collaged drawings. In ‘Bridges’, lengths of barricade tape are wrapped around a pillar and weighed down by plaster casts. These were made by pouring plaster into different sized… Read more

Objects, Installations & Videos > 2005

A clockwork piece with clock-hands modified to hold graphite, installed in a wooden frame with spare container of graphite pieces. It was shown with a companion piece called ‘Drawing Maching Drawing 24 Hours’ at WWF-Malaysia’s Art for Nature 2006 exhibition, Rimbun Dahan.

Objects, Installations & Videos > 2005

A series of jars with stuff painted on them. Sometimes the equipment used to collect things is as fascinating as the collections they contain. I have a fetish for glass jars. I made these works in the attempt to ‘trap’ my ideas and obsessions at the time — to give them shape and form. It… Read more