Performances > 2009

Performed at the 2nd Beyond Pressure Performance Art Festival in Yangon, Myanmar. On the benches of Sein Lan So Pyay garden, I laid out instructions and a pair of chopsticks. Taking volunteers in the audience by the hand, I led them each of them to a bench and bade them sit down. The instructions asked people to… Read more

Solo Exhibitions & Projects > 2009

Sapporo, the capital of Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido, is one of the most livable cities in the world. In 2009, I spend 2 months there under the Japan Foundation’s JENESYS Creators’ Programme. The city has a wide river running through it. Each day I crossed its main bridge, Horohira-bashi, to get from my apartment to… Read more

Press > 2009

Profile in Options, the lifestyle pullout of business paper The Edge Malaysia. A cover story featuring four women in the arts, including Bernice Chauly, Soraya Yusof Talismail and Yau Bee Ling. Read more

Writing (By Me) > 2009

My experience at “1st Beyond Pressure International Performance Art Festival” in Yangon, Myanmar. Published in Off The Edge, April 2009.

The first time I heard about Beyond Pressure was when I met Moe Satt in February 2007, during his short residency in Malaysia… Read more

Drawing, Illustration & Works on Paper > 2009

Illustrations for short stories, in collaboration with Zedeck Siew and Fahmi Fadzil. Showing total disregard for our last names, we credited the project like this: Zedeck Fadzil wrote the stories (in his very own handwriting); Sharon Siew drew the pictures (with her very own color pencils); and Fahmi Chin made the neat envelopes to put them… Read more