Performances > 2014

Underneath a tree, I tie string to a bottle of honey and throw it so that it dangles from a branch. I give out spoons, asking the crowd to taste the free-flowing honey. I invite people to sit down and scream into a pillow with me. After that we eat more honey. Performed in different… Read more

Press > 2014

Article in The Heat, Aug 23 – 29, 2014 issue, about ‘My Samsung, My Best Fiend‘, a collaborative artwork with Maryann Tan for Samsung Masterpieces digital art project. The work was rejected by Samsung and the curator they hired.

Collaborations > 2014

Collaboration with Maryann Tan about our troubled relationship to smartphones and the workers who suffer making them. This project was for the Samsung Masterpieces digital art project – invited artists were given Samsung tablets and asked to create work on them. It was rejected by Samsung. I’ve blogged about it in-depth here and here. The… Read more

Press > 2014

My drawing of Vivian Lee was the cover of The B-Side, May – June 2014. Sadly, it was also their final issue. Included in the issue is a slightly different version of my essay ‘A Portrait of Vivian Lee’, which you can read here. This version, ‘An Encounter’ was written after my first meeting with… Read more

Objects, Installations & Videos > 2014

Vivian Lee is a young woman who, along with her partner Alvin Tan, was one half of the now defunct couple known as Alvivi. They became famous for blogging about their sex lives in 2012, and are currently facing criminal charges for posting a photo of themselves eating pork soup and wishing Muslims ‘happy breaking… Read more

Agitprop > 2014

Two posters and a fabric banner for Walk for Peace and Freedom on 16 Oct 2014 in Kuala Lumpur. Organized by the Malaysian Bar, it was a march protesting the then Barisan Nasional government’s continued use of the Sedition Act 1948 to silence dissent. Although Barisan Nasional was voted out of power in the historic 9… Read more