Collaborations > 2020

A collaboration with Rohingya poet Mayyu Ali, that pairs Rohingya and Malay lullabies and folksongs. The pairings of songs, which are narrated and sung orally, are further unified with a patterned artwork. The project was commissioned by Southeast-Asian arts and culture website Arts Equator and published in October 2020. Read more

Collaborations > 2018

Creatures of Near Kingdoms is an illustrated bestiary of 75 animals and plants native to Southeast Asia. Conceived by Zedeck Siew, each creature is described in short, single-page prose pieces, reminiscent of naturalist’s entries or notes in kitabs of animal lore. Illustrated by Sharon Chin, the book’s animals are depicted in linocut-print illustrations; while its plants are rendered in fabric pattern designs. Read more

Collaborations > 2018

STUDIOLOG is a multi-part collaborative project initiated by artists Varsha Nair and Lena Eriksson. For the first part, they invited 3 pairs of artists to have an online conversation over a 2 week period in 2017. I was partnered with Prisca Wüst, an artist working in Lucerne, Berlin and Breslau. Phase two happened in January 2018, with a week-long physical gathering hosted by Lucerne University of Applied Arts and Sciences. Read more

Collaborations > 2014

Collaboration with Maryann Tan about our troubled relationship to smartphones and the workers who suffer making them. This project was for the Samsung Masterpieces digital art project – invited artists were given Samsung tablets and asked to create work on them. It was rejected by Samsung. I’ve blogged about it in-depth here and here. The… Read more

Collaborations > 2011

A collaborative performance project about health and the city, performed in Berlin, with fellow artists Karla Sachse, Varsha Nair, Deeksha Nath, Lilian Kim Lucas, Aaron Schwarnagel and Simon Troll. Presented as part of MERIDIAN | URBAN – Curatorial Projects on Health by the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin. Images by Saskia Nagel, Christoph Scheierke and Susanne Ahne. From… Read more

Collaborations > 2008

A joint exhibition with artist Lydia Chai. We met in art school in New Zealand and became friends. I returned to Kuala Lumpur; Lydia now lives in Auckland. In this series of drawings, installations and video at 67 Tempinis Gallery, we explored ideas of distance and friendship in relation to artistic collaboration. The result was an… Read more