Objects, Installations & Videos > 2022

A site-specific installation consisting of 300 small intaglio prints, depicting 30 different soil microorganisms. The prints are hung scattered on the wall, in between and around other artworks in the exhibition. This work is intended to be realized in the company of other artworks. Read more

Objects, Installations & Videos > 2017

5 customised jackets tracing and documenting the development of my political thinking from 2011 to 2017. The jackets were bought from the numerous kedai bundle (second hand clothing shops) around Port Dickson. Shown as part ‘Between States’, a group exhibition about territory in South East Asia, 21 September – 7 October 2017 at OUR ArtProjects. Read more

Objects, Installations & Videos > 2014

Vivian Lee is a young woman who, along with her partner Alvin Tan, was one half of the now defunct couple known as Alvivi. They became famous for blogging about their sex lives in 2012, and are currently facing criminal charges for posting a photo of themselves eating pork soup and wishing Muslims ‘happy breaking… Read more

Objects, Installations & Videos > 2012

A video poem made for 3.11: What is to be remembered?, a video art project by Spread Video Art 2 in Japan. All the video pieces were 3min 11sec long, in response to the 11 March 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. Zedeck Siew wrote the words: “The town that I live in is by the… Read more

Objects, Installations & Videos > 2012

An updated and portable version of “Sensors“, an interactive installation based on statistics of banned books in Malaysia. The buzzwires — central to the 2007 series — are now housed in sleek black boxes and powered by batteries. Each is fully functional; comes with a high-pitched buzzer and bright signal light; and is designed to… Read more

Objects, Installations & Videos > 2007

When they were completed in 1998, the Petronas Twin Towers were the tallest buildings in the world. Although now surpassed by other nations’ skyscrapers, they have become the most recognizable icons of Malaysia’s modern development. Using my mobile phone, I shot the topmost spires of the Towers during the times of azan, the Islamic call… Read more

Objects, Installations & Videos > 2006

An ‘executive toy’, placed inside a glass case, and made of ceramic balls that feature the logos of the 27 political parties registered in Malaysia (as of 2006). The popular desk ornament known as the ‘executive’s toy’ or ‘Newton’s cradle’ is a set of suspended steel balls that demonstrates the conservation of momentum and energy. Thought… Read more

Objects, Installations & Videos > 2006

A pen, compass and pocket watch have their components dissected, and hung in a wooden box. Shown in Signed and Dated: 10th Annivesary Exhibition at Valentine Willie Fine Art, 2006.