My drawing of Vivian Lee was the cover of The B-Side, May – June 2014. Sadly, it was also their final issue.

Included in the issue is a slightly different version of my essay ‘A Portrait of Vivian Lee’, which you can read here. This version, ‘An Encounter’ was written after my first meeting with her. I felt it was too subjective and unbalanced, and asked for a second meeting which gave me needed insight about the complex subject.

Still, this version reveals my initial, entirely sympathetic approach to Vivian. I’m grateful to The B-Side for publishing it.

vivianlee_bside01 vivianlee_bside02 vivianlee_bside03 vivianlee_bside04 vivianlee_bside05 vivianlee_bside06 vivianlee_bside07 vivianlee_bside08 vivianlee_bside09 vivianlee_bside10 vivianlee_bside011