Hello dear people, greetings from… not the road.

Zedeck got a bad case of food poisoning, so we are like barnacles, clinging to home (and for someone, the toilet). After eating dry toast for two days, the poor man is much better, and we set off again tomorrow.

Been looking through the photos and footage I’ve taken so far. Most of it comes from me just trying to absorb the texture of the roads and towns – swarming swiftlets everywhere, broken fences, glass shards stuck on tops of walls, curbside weeds, construction sites, water towers, drain pipes, mysterious flyovers leading to nowhere…

Alot of what we’ve built in the recent past is ugly. I don’t know where the ugliness comes from, but I sense it’s a part of us, part of me – careless, thoughtless, fuckless (beauty is arousing, sensual, touchable, attentive, loving), feckless, hard, merciless, and wasteful, wasteful, wasteful.

But I watch the faces too… they’re beautiful. And the way people walk! There are as many kinds of walk as there are people. Hunched over, limping, tottering, running, striding, waddling – getting somewhere, somehow.

I don’t know how all this is going to get put together. I really… I don’t fucking know. It’s scary. I’m just going to have to trust it…