Tan Su Mei is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honors) in Social Practice at Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne University. She wrote this essay about my art for an assignment, and kindly agreed to let me publish it here. In addition to being a student, Su Mei is also an artist, art… Read more

Proposal for a Collective Decision-making Model for the Visual Arts Community in Malaysia < Draft 01, 17 May 2018 > This proposal calls for visual artists and art practitioners to assemble in self-organized groups based on affiliation or locality, known as Sidang Lokal (Local Assemblies), to discuss issues directly affecting them. It then calls for… Read more

Hell Heaven is a fund-raising exhibition for Sisters in Islam (SIS), an NGO which works in advocacy, law reform and promoting justice for women in Muslim societies. They run a legal aid clinic that helps women in need of advice on Islamic family law. I contributed a set of signs I made and carried during the Bersih 5 protest, held on 19 Nov 2016 in Kuala Lumpur. Read more

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