I left Facebook for a reason. Now I’m back on it – also for a reason.  

I didn’t ‘give in’. I have a purpose. I am strong – I can break my own rules. 

I’m back on Facebook because that’s where people are. I like people. Art minus People = NOTHING, MOTHERFUCKERS. We make the meaning together. Constant collaboration. 

I think this is how it’s gonna be: me uploading shit, mainlined straight from my mind with minimal ‘ohhhhh noooooo how is this gonna make me sound *delete delete rewrite rewrite sighhhhh fuck this*’, then Commas&Industry taking it and pushing it slowly out into the world. 

Make and ship, make and ship. Repeat endlessly. This is how we work, and grow.

I’ve never had a collaboration like this. For me it’s unprecedented level of trust and just… letting the fuck go. Doing what I do best, leaving what I don’t do well to people who can.

And I can’t describe the sense of relief. It’s freeing up so much of my brain, which is why the ideas to MAKE THINGS are coming thick and fast. 

I wish I could be honest and tell people about the real deal – how this is gonna work – I mean the mechanics. That there IS someone else behind the Facebook page and Twitter account (in fact, I HIRED them! OH MAI GAWD, WHAT A SELLOUT) but that ultimately, it’s all me. In fact it’s MORE me than if I had to do it myself. 

Maybe other introverted artist/creative types would find this encouraging. To know that it doesn’t have to be one or the other – we don’t have to be completely off the grid OR drowning in the sea of connections. We can find ways that will help us do AND share our work. 

This recently super connected world means nothing short of a social-communication revolution. For a long, agonizing time now, I was worried that I just wouldn’t be able to make the most of this incredible opportunity. That it would pass me by before I figured it all out. I don’t think it will last forever… every single word I type, every digit, costs something – whether in carbon fuel or some big corporation somewhere selling and mining my data. 

So, the time is now. 

It’s not really about the number of likes, for me it’s about finding the people who will take what I want to give. The retweets are just a trail of ghosts… somewhere there’s a real person behind the screen.