I will be taking part in this year’s Beyond Pressure Public Art Festival in Yangon, Myanmar. I’ll present two performances as part of the performance art programme.

This will be my third time at Beyond Pressure – you can read about my experiences there in 2008 and 2009. I’m excited to be back.


In its six year festival, BP will seize the opportunity of changing political and social space to approach closer towards people to promote art literacy.

The festival will be composed of 
(i) Installation & Graffiti Art Works in People’s Park, 
(ii) Street Performances, 
(iii) Video Art Works on Buses, 
(iv) Tea Shop’s Symposium and Workshops, 
(v) Underground Party.

The variety of art forms and genres are introduced and the wide range of activities will enhance more outreach to people from different ages.

Full schedule and list of participants at