Linocut prints from Creatures of Near Kingdoms are part of ‘Seni Cetakan: Seni Sepanjang Zaman / The Art of Printmaking: Lasting Impressions’ at Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery.

Exhibition runs from 25 Aug – 25 Nov 2018, Mon – Sun, 10am – 6pm.

Check it out along with works by Latiff Mohidin, Ilse Noor, Norma Abbas, Kok Yew Puah, Pangrok Sulap, Samsudin Wahab, Long Thien Shih and other masters. More info:


Exhibition featuring a host of printmaking enthusiasts from the 1930s until present-day and showcases more than 150 enthralling print works combining a variety of techniques including relief print, intaglio, silkscreen, planography and monoprint. These techniques are being realised through an extensive range of rigorous methods such as woodcut, linocut, etching, aquatint, embossing and drypoint. The diversity of works by different generations in this exhibition will inspire the younger generation to continue this important legacy notwithstanding insistent meticulousness and patience demanded in this genre.


Chuah Thean Teng
Lee Joo For
Chew Teng Beng
Ismail Zain
Latiff Mohidin
Lai Loong Sung
Kok Yew Puah
Raja Zahabuddin
Ponirin Amin
Norma Abbas
Ilse Noor
Loo Foh Sang
Long Thien Shih
Abdul Mansoor Ibrahim
Juhari Said
Sasi Victoire
Kimg Ng
Jamil Mat Isa
Stephen Menon
Raduan Man
Sharon Chin
Faizal Suhif
Samsudin Wahab
Rizo Leong
Jerome Manjat
Sabihis Pandi
Haafiz Shahimi
Pangrok Sulap
Mc Feddy