Varsha Nair, Undercurrent in Yangon, 2014, Beyond Pressure Public Art Festival, People’s Park, Yangon, Myanmar. Photo credit: Sharon Chin


Two-way Mirror
An exhibition of photography from performance art led by Daniela Beltrani
22 July to 13 August 2016
Lower Gallery, Objectifs, 155 Middle Road S188977, Singapore
Opening hours: Tue to Sat, 12pm – 7pm / Sun 12pm – 4pm
Admission: Free 

I am part of this intriguing exhibition about performance art and photography organized by Daniela Beltrani, an artist and curator based in Singapore. My contribution is a photo I took of Varsha Nair’s performance ‘Undercurrent in Yangon‘ in 2014, at Beyond Pressure Public Art Festival. In turn, Varsha contributed a photo of my performance ‘Scream, Honey‘, that she took at the same festival.


About the exhibition: 

Performance artist Daniela Beltrani invited 22 colleagues she had met on the local and international performance art circuit, to take part in an exhibition that introduces and delves into their shared practice of photographing fellow artists during their performances.

More than just an exhibition of arresting images from performance art, Two-way Mirror considers alternative approaches to photography by the artists engaged in this practice.

Within the context of performance art events and festivals, often lasting several days, the artist does not only present her own work, but she becomes active part of dialogues in art and life with her colleagues and thus, naturally, witness and audience of their works through her presence and often also by taking photographs of/for them.

Therefore, Two-way Mirror also offers the opportunity to gain a clearer understanding and more connected appreciation of performance art, an art form existing at the very junction between art and life.

The resulting presentation, far from being concerned with photographic skill and technique, offers a selection of human bodies caught in authentic moments of artistic creation that range from vulnerability, pain and desperation to beauty, magic and hope.

A programme of diverse events will complement the exhibition, with the purpose of engaging the interested audience in more participatory ways. Please, see below.

A catalogue with ISBN will be printed in limited copies. Available in PDF in August 2016.



Exhibition tour: Sunday 31 July 2016, 2pm to 3pm

Performance art event: Saturday 6 August 2016, 6pm onwards

Artists talks: Sunday 7 August 2016, 1pm to 3pm

Exhibition tour: Saturday 13 August 2016, 3pm to 4pm

Finissage, Tea & cakes: Saturday 13 August 2016, 4pm to 6pm

Additional tours can be arranged directly with Daniela during the gallery’s opening times.



AñA Wojak, Cai Qing, Daniela Beltrani, Ezzam Rahman, Farah Ong, Gabriela Alonso, Jürgen Fritz, Kelvin Atmadibrata, Koh Nguang How, Lisa Bauer-Zhao, Manuel Vason, Marita Bullmann, Nisa Ojalvo, Paul Couillard, Razieh Goudarzi, Red Bind, Sharon Chin, Sophia Natasha Wei, Tara Goudarzi, Urich Lau, Varsha Nair, Watan Wuma.