*SOLD OUT* In Praise of Cleaners: Mop


In Praise of Cleaners: Mop
Year: 2020
Medium: Intaglio print on Saa (Thai mulberry) paper 120gsm acid-free
Size: 14 x 19cm
Edition: 5 + 1A/P
Signed, numbered and dated on the back

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An ode to the ones who keep Malaysia running, who wipe away the blood and piss, disinfect the surfaces, fill the soap dispensers, empty the trash. In praise of the lone figure at the end of a hospital corridor, mopping the floor under fluorescent lights at 3am. In solidarity with their struggle – for dignity, stability and increased wages. Today, we praise cleaners.

Satu penghargaan buat mereka yang menjaga keselesaan di negara kita, yang lap darah dan sisa tertumpah, basuh kuman, isi bekas sabun tangan, angkat sampah. Pujian buat sosok tunggal di hujung koridor sebuah hospital, yang sedang lap lantai pada waktu 3 pagi. Solidariti buat perjuangan mereka untuk menuntut hak, maruah dan peningkatan gaji. Hari ini kita memuliakan tukang cuci.

This series of handmade prints features 6 common cleaning tools: gloves, broom, lidi broom, mop, bucket and spray bottle. They are made using intaglio drypoint technique on recycled Tetrapak packaging. Intaglio prints are traditionally made by engraving on copper or aluminium plate.

Siri cetakan buatan tangan ini menggambarkan 6 alat pembersihan seharian: sarung tangan, penyapu, sapu lidi, mop, baldi dan penyembur. Dibuat dengan teknik intaglio, iaitu gurisan kering atas kotak Tetrapak. Cetakan intaglio biasanya dibuat atas plat tembaga atau aluminum.

100% of proceeds to Malaysia’s national hospital service workers’ labor union.

Images from ‘Bila Kami Bersatu‘, a 2019 documentary about their struggle for dignified working conditions, directed by Minxi Chua and Asyraf Abdul Samad.

Additional information

How It's Made

Intaglio (Italian for 'carving') prints are traditionally made by engraving on copper or aluminium plate. I used recycled Tetrapak boxes as my printing plate. Ink is applied to the plate and wiped away. The remaining ink sits in the engraved lines. Damp paper is placed on top of the inked plate, then run through an etching press. Pressure from the press transfers the image to the paper.

Tetrapak is the material used to package milk, juice and other liquids. Far more fragile than a metal plate, it can only yield 10 – 12 good print impressions. This limits the number of editions.

These prints are handmade using recycled materials. There are small variations in each edition but they are all the same quality.

About Editions

Edition of 5 means only 5 prints were made. The edition number is marked by 1/5, 2/5, 3/5, etc.

A/P refers to Artist Proof, which is an additional edition of the print kept by the artist. It's not for sale.

Price is for one handmade print edition. Sorry, you can't choose the edition number.

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