UPDATE (DEC 2013): Mandi Bunga was a wild success! On 26 Oct 2013,  over 100 people decked themselves out in yellow and marched from Singapore Art Museum to the National Museum of Singapore. There, on the front lawn, we bathed ourselves in water and flowers in a truly epic spectacle of hope and renewal. Thank you to everyone who took part and made this happen.

I’m steadily updating the site with Mandi Bunga news, images, blogposts and project info. Check it out by browsing the links below!


Sharon Chin

Latest Posts about “Mandi Bunga / Flower Bath” for Singapore Biennale 2013

It is my birthday! [ARgh. No, it is not. I did not actually finish this in time. Two days late. But I did spend my birthday writing it!] I swore to myself that I’d finish the Mandi Bunga epic blog by my birthday. Not for any special reason except maybe people would want to be nice… Read more

Hello dear human beings. Greetings from the strange floating world of post-project purgatory. In which I count the days since Mandi Bunga happened (2 weeks!), and wonder when it’s no longer acceptable to feel disoriented and just sorta… lame and stupid. I’m off the turbo charged art-making hamster wheel and having a hard time adjusting… Read more

I’m in Singapore, posting this from a hotel room that’s too cold, while the sun burns the pavements outside. I crossed the airspace two days ago in surreal zombie-dream mode. Losing track of sleep trying to keep track of all the things… Litres of fabric paint… 200m of yellow cloth, sewn into more than a… Read more

So in between sending personal emails to over 100 people who signed up for Mandi Bunga, finding yellow basins, dippers, flowers, limes, ordering 200m of yellow fabric and and and etc… I also need to do actual art stuff. As in, shut off from the list-checking logistical wrangling email email email go go go go… Read more

First, news from from the epic project front. “Mandi Bunga/Flower Bath” for Singapore Biennale 2013 officially launched last Thursday, if by launching you mean my comrades from Commas and Industry posted it on Facebook, while I stayed glued to my computer, freaking out. Man, I was anxious. Every project scares me to hell, but the… Read more