‘And when the Tan Sri awoke in his afterworld he was already rich – not only rich with cash; he owned vast swathes of property, across several levels in prime locations, with the proper documents as proof.

Within three months of the Tan Sri’s arrival in the underworld, Capital UCB opened its first branch in the mansions of the earth. By the yellow springs, groundwork for Cityview Phase Six was laid. It was a luxurious mixed development: condominiums, commercial arcades, nail bars and coffee shops.’

I drew this picture for ‘Hell Money‘, a short story by Zedeck Siew (my brilliant non-husband and dear companion). You can read the whole story here.

We also art bombed the streets of Petaling Jaya and Georgetown with this story, which was fun. Zedeck blogged the adventure here.

Sketch stage:


Next year I want to print a bunch of these and actually burn them during Hungry Ghost month. I imagine it would be therapeutic.