I’m part of the group exhibition Rasa Sayang at A+ WORKS of ART, a show that marks the one-year anniversary of GE14.

My work is original drawings for 2 protest posters I made for the Walk for Peace and Freedom in 2014. Organised by the Malaysian Bar, it was a march protesting the then Barisan Nasional government’s continued use of the Sedition Act 1948 to silence dissent.


A+ Works of Art is proud to present Rasa Sayang, a group exhibition that brings together an assembly of artists, writers and poets to mark the one-year anniversary of the 14th general election. The title, which refers to the folk song known to most Malaysians regardless of ethnicity, class and age, evokes the sense of love and loss that was felt by many towards the nation’s precarious political trajectory. Rasa Sayang showcases works by Azizan Paiman, Chang Yoong Chia, Sharon Chin, Intan Rafiza, Okui Lala, Liew Kung Yu, Pangrok Sulap, Phuan Thai Meng, Manit Sriwanichpoom, Tan Zi Hao, and Yee I-Lann, while the participating writers and poets include A. Samad Said, Arafat Hambali, Bernice Chauly, Samantha Cheh, Faisal Tehrani, Eric Goh, Lang Rahman, Ann Lee, Carmen Nge, Petak Daud, Pyanhabib Rahman, Raja Syahrul Helmi, Dr. Serina Abdul Rahman, Dr. Vilashini Somiah, Yvonne Tan, and Zikri Rahman.

Humour is a means through one can create their own access to representation in the public sphere and generate social visibility for their concerns and interests. The usage of humour is all the more paramount as a means to bypass and navigate through the politics of censorship that pervade the region. Whilst humour is most visibly manifested in political cartoons and caricatures, Rasa Sayang takes the 14th general election in Malaysia as an entry point to explore humorous yet thoughtful takes on politics through film, installation, painting, performance and photography to respond to urgent sociopolitical concerns and the emotionally tumultuous experience of being part of the country.

Exhibition Opening:

6:00PM – Arrival of guests
6:20PM – Poetry recital by Bernice Chauly, Pyanhabib Rahman and Pak Samad
6:50PM – Performance by Intan Rafiza
7:05PM – Performance ends
7:30PM – Breaking fast