This series was part of my first solo show Boats & Bridges at Reka Art Space in 2005. Plaster casts, in shades of pale pink, were made by pouring plaster into different sized plastic bags. Each piece has a text or body organ printed on its flat top surface. I thought of the words as floating continents within the body, mingling among internal organs.
There are two collage drawings, one with prints of body parts, the other with texts. Shapes were traced from the tops of the plaster casts, then cut out of coloured crepe paper. Finally, the collage was held out in the rain during a tropical storm.
The words are quotes from texts that were important to me at the time, including from: Salleh Ben Joned, Anais Nin, Leon Trotsky, Lee Kok Liang, Yukio Mishima, Paul Auster and lyrics from Sheila On 7.