Politics: 2011 – Current
5 customized jackets. Embroidery, appliqué, decorative badges and fabric paint on second-hand clothing.

5 customised jackets tracing and documenting the development of my political thinking from 2011 to 2017. The jackets were bought from the numerous kedai bundle (second hand clothing shops) around Port Dickson. Shown as part ‘Between States’, a group exhibition about territory in South East Asia, 21 September – 7 October 2017 at OUR ArtProjects. The exhibition included a table with reading materials, and the jackets were hung on the back of chairs surrounding it. People could lean against them or try them on. There are some recognisable motifs from previous works (Weeds, Bersih) – forming a kind of mini retrospective and personal political vocabulary. The idea of wearing one politics on one’s sleeve – a jacket protects, also performs. The jackets and ideas become animated when worn, they require a body to give them form and function.