This graphic journalism project consists of three illustrated essays about water issues in Malaysia. It was initiated at the start of 2015, and completed in mid-2016.

The project received a grant from Krishen Jit ASTRO Fund.


PART 1 – Currents: Water Power in the Interiors of Sabah

Editors: Ling Low and Zedeck Siew

Published: (12 May 2015) / (6 June 2016)


‘I found an inexplicable beauty in this most practical, and not especially complicated, piece of technology. The white glow of each bulb seemed to hold the heartbeat of the river. I’d charged my iPhone with its power. At night I heard its low roar, flowing 50 feet from where I slept.’


PART 2 – Deep Water: The Hundred Year-old Wells of Kampung Hakka Mantin

Editor: Ling Low

Published: (15 Sept 2015) / (6 June 2016)


“Heritage does not only exist for museums or as picturesque tourist attractions. History is like deep water. It’s alive, under our feet. If we lose Kampung Hakka to commercial development, we lose the wells, real and imaged, that connect us to both.”


PART 3 – Pipe Dreams: Water, People and Politics in Kampung Long Sukang, Sarawak

Editors: Ling Low and Zedeck Siew

Published: (6 June 2016) / (6 Jun 2016)


“The name is a strange, heavy gift. Like the unfinished school, it sits in me as a promise unfulfilled. Even after the elections come and go, all the trees are cut down, the rivers run brown, and the animals disappear, it will remain, reminding me that a name is both honor and duty — to mean anything at all, it must be both given, and earned.”