‘Musang Luck Charm’ Handmade Print


Musang Luck Charm
Year: 2020
Medium: Intaglio print on Saa (Thai mulberry) paper 120gsm acid-free
Size: 14 x 19cm
Edition: 10 + 1A/P
Signed, numbered and dated on the back

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This is a South East Asian version of the Japanese fortune cat, or Maneki-neko.

A mysterious musang (common palm civet) beckons you to share in the good fortune of a ripe nangka bursting with golden fruit. And look, there’s enough for everyone.

Additional information

How It's Made

Intaglio (Italian for 'carving') prints are traditionally made by engraving on copper or aluminium plate. I used recycled Tetrapak boxes as my printing plate. Ink is applied to the plate and wiped away. The remaining ink sits in the engraved lines. Damp paper is placed on top of the inked plate, then run through an etching press. Pressure from the press transfers the image to the paper.

Tetrapak is the material used to package milk, juice and other liquids. Far more fragile than a metal plate, it can only yield 10 – 12 good print impressions. This limits the number of editions.

These prints are handmade using recycled materials. There are small variations in each edition but they are all the same quality.

About Editions

Edition of 10 means only 10 prints were made. The edition number is marked by 1/10, 2/10, 3/10, etc.

A/P refers to Artist Proof, which is an additional edition of the print kept by the artist. It's not for sale.

Price is for one handmade print edition. Sorry, you can't choose the edition number.

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