“These souls, fleeing the Sultan’s cruelty, sadly they cannot live with us. To live a life of piratical liberty, one must have sea-worth, able to court and cower before Mother Ocean.” “In their souls they are uplanders. They have hill-shaped hearts. They can neither read star-charts nor savour the taste of spray. They’re simply not… Read more

‘And when the Tan Sri awoke in his afterworld he was already rich – not only rich with cash; he owned vast swathes of property, across several levels in prime locations, with the proper documents as proof. Within three months of the Tan Sri’s arrival in the underworld, Capital UCB opened its first branch in… Read more

Illustrations for short stories, in collaboration with Zedeck Siew and Fahmi Fadzil. Showing total disregard for our last names, we credited the project like this: Zedeck Fadzil wrote the stories (in his very own handwriting); Sharon Siew drew the pictures (with her very own color pencils); and Fahmi Chin made the neat envelopes to put them… Read more

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Design by Sharon Chin. Developed by Tico