This is an expansion of the Weeds/Rumpai series from 2013, which I made in the time leading up to Malaysia’s 13th General Election. It consists of paintings of weeds from my garden, painted on political party flags collected around Port Dickson, where I live. The ratio of Barisan Nasional (the coalition that has ruled Malaysia… Read more

How do you keep the grass growing? In the midst of redecorating Barisan Nasional banners with painted lalang. Should I let people buy this stuff by the metre? Meanwhile, our new cat Chicken is also enjoying the grass. In reality, she hates going outside.

These are paintings of various weeds that grow in the garden of my home in Port Dickson. They are painted on political party flags that I collected from my neighbourhood. The flags began appearing in Port Dickson around the third quarter of 2012. They were placed in public spaces such as trees, street lamps, and… Read more

The day I leave Port Dickson to do the #WEEDS/RUMPAI exhibition (this Sunday, 10 March folks!!), our deputy prime minister Muyhiddin Yasin comes to town.  Where the big wigs go, the flags will follow. Or is it the other way around? They even got the local council to come out and sweep the roads (you can… Read more

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