This is something I started in response to the detention of Maria Chin Abdullah, Chairperson of Bersih 2.0. Bersih is a movement for free and fair elections in Malaysia. Maria was arrested on 18 Nov 2016 under SOSMA (Security Offenses Special Measures Act 2012), a cruel and draconian law that allows for detention without trial. She is being held in an undisclosed location, in a 15 x 8ft windowless cell, in solitary confinement.

I am posting these to my Facebook page, but I will archive them here too, to be accessible across platforms.

#2) 24 Nov 2016 – Day 6 in detention


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You are welcome to take part in One Artwork A Day Until Maria is Released challenge. Drawings, songs, poems, fiction, concept art, performance, photos, anything.

\\ Sekiranya mau terima cabaran Satu Karya Setiap Hari Sehingga Maria Bebas, silakan. Lukisan, lagu, puisi, cerpen, konsep, persembahan, foto, apa saja.

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