Antid Oto – italian for antidote – was one of Leon Trotsky‘s earliest pen names. I also love the Malay word for it: penawar. A few months ago, I started taking regular walks and making drawings afterwards as a way to deal with worry, procrastination, hopelessness, writer’s block, internet rage, and digital distraction. I’ll post a series of them here, one every other day, for as long as I keep making them. 


Official permission-granting crest, featuring the mascots Yay and Nay, two synapses from opposing sides of your very own brain! They cause terrible tension but are basically telling you the same thing: ‘Bikin Sampai Jadi’, that is, keep making it till it’s made. The lowly earthworm and El Mudskipper agree that you should get down and dirty with those hands. Do you trust them to lead you to the water?