I will be moderating a roundtable discussion called ‘Who Needs Curators?’ as part of Sindikat Kurator di Penang.

Sindikat Kurator di Penang is a 2-day curatorial forum stemmed from the Sindikat Campursari exhibition under the umbrella project of Condition Report organised by the Japan Foundation Asia Center, which took place from 14 January to 14 February 2017 at the Gudang Sarinah Ekosistem, Jakarta. 4 curators from Vietnam, Thailand, Japan and Malaysia who were involved in the project will regroup in Penang to reflect on the Sindikat Campursari exhibition, their participation on the Japan Foundation Asia Center curators workshop, and how this programme has influenced their individual curatorial practice.

They will be joined by local curators, art historians, cultural practitioners and visual artists to further explore issues related to curatorial practice within localized contexts. This forum will kick start with sharing sessions by curators from different  backgrounds on the first day, followed by a curator-artist speed dating and two sessions of roundtable discussions on the second day.

More info on roundtable discussions framework, moderator and panelists:

#1 ‘The invisibility cloak of the curator
#2 ‘Who needs curators?

This event will be held at the Event Hall, Bangunan UAB, 21-35 Gat Lebuh China from 10 AM to 6 PM.

This is a free event, registration encouraged.

Day 1, 18 November 2017 (SAT)
1000    Registration
1100    Sindikat Campursari exhibition presentation
1200    ~ Break for lunch ~
1300    Haryany Mohamad
1330    Le Thuan Uyen
1400    Vittavin Leelavanachai
1430    Kazuhiko Yoshizaki
1500    ~ Tea ~
1530    Hoo Fan Chon
1600    Chuah Ee Yan
1630    Kuah Li Feng

Day 2, 19 November 2017 (SUN)
1000    Registration
1030    Artist-curator speed dating
1230    ~ Break for lunch ~
1330    Roundtable discussion #1 ‘The invisibility cloak of the curator’
1530    ~ Tea ~
1600    Roundtable discussion #2 ‘Who needs curators?’
1800    Conclude.