Not Pretty talk

Performance That Is Not Pretty II (Engaging In Public Spaces)
4pm, 15 July 2017 (Saturday)
Kotak @ Five Arts Centre

Panelists: Intan Rafiza, Mislina Mustaffa, Sharon Chin
Moderator: June Tan

The ‘Performance That Is Not Pretty’ series of panel discussions is aimed to encourage questioning and thinking on what constitutes performance and performing. These discussions intend to dissect how artists from different disciplines use the body as the medium to express ideas to achieve their goal, and, the different ways of using/presenting the body. The discussions also seek to look at how performance can create different value and function, and not necessarily serving as entertainment.

The second panel discussion aims to unpack works carried out in public spaces and public spheres, and the contestations of current assumptions about performing, performing spaces and performing bodies. Invited artists will share their thoughts, concerns and choices leading to their art creation and public presentation.