A discussion between the curator and the four artists in Between States: Candice Ng, Ian Carlo Jaucian, Miguel Inumerable, and Sharon Chin. Each artist draws upon his or her own artistic practice as a starting point in expanding the ambit of the exhibition’s premise and inquiries.

About the artists:

Candice Ng (b. 1983, Malaysia)
Candice’s practice investigates how design can provide frameworks to explore relationships negotiated between humans and objects. Often taking the form of conceptual objects, her work traverses the interstices of the material; examining, cultivating and re-imagining current values and belief systems.

Ian Carlo Jaucian (b. 1986, Philippines)
Ian draws his inspiration from science and its relationship with visual art. Integral to his practice is an exploration of forms – both as a functional and critical device, a balance between wonderment and comprehension – to corroborate his conviction that technology is ultimately an emancipatory tool against consumerist-driven developments.

Miguel Lope Inumerable (b. 1987, Philippines)
Miguel works in different media, exploring the concept of traditional and expanded drawing using sculpture, installation, and new media. Having graduated with a major in Computer Science, the use of science and technology, particularly computer programming is dominant in his practice of art-making.

Sharon Chin (b. 1980, Malaysia)
Sharon’s artistic practice is performative, political, and personal. She works across a variety of media to address environmental, social, and political issues. Since her departure from Kuala Lumpur, her work amplifies a preoccupation with the aesthetics and materiality of the everyday in relation to the discourse of power, labour, and gender.