Over the weekend, I played around on Pinterest.

I uploaded all the photos of house gates I’ve been taking over the past few months.

I still don’t know exactly why I’ve been collecting gates. They’ve been sitting in my phone, accumulating digital dust.


My favorite one. What a beauty. Petaling Jaya.


Assembling them on Pinterest has been surprisingly useful. I can see a visual idea developing. Will it turn out to be sweet song or thundering fart?

So much of art is waiting, stirring the pot.

Stir, stir, stir.

I think gates would make good graffiti, especially over existing graffiti.

A mural of gates. A tribute to all the places we can’t go, all the things we keep locked up and protected, all the people we keep out.


Kuala Lumpur


I like using Pinterest as a tool to document, observe and understand. I’m not so hot on the marketing and social part.

Warning! If you’re just grazing around the interweb, looking for random grass to chew, Pinterest has the time-suck potential of a small blackhole. In other words, if you have work or life needs doing, APPROACH WITH CAUTION.

There’s a lot of talk about Pinterest monetizing and leveraging off the collective creative soup out there on the internet… turning it into a finte resource like privatized water, or bottled oxygen.

Some very good links here and here, about Pinterest’s ethical grey areas, and the importance of creating a culture of proper attribution on the internet.


Room to let. They want a Chinese Female only.