People came to #WEEDS/RUMPAI. Lots of them. Many I’d never met before. 

They ate and talked and drank and listened and sat down to make art. 

The artworks I’d made were hanging in the background. But it was what was happening around the art that mattered. 

It was what I wanted, and hoped and dreamed. 

Yeoh and Tsuji’s five-year old daughter took my hand and we danced together while Wolf sang ‘Tudung Periuk’. Sometimes you need someone else to be there with you so you can dance. 

I cried happy tears. I always do this. It’s ok. It gets more ok to cry in public as the years go by. Guess I grow less and less attached to being terminally cool as a marker of personal success.

Wolf said: can’t bring you anywhere, Sharon! It’s true. I will fucking cry my eyes out. 

Look! This was the day after: 


What now? 

Onwards, dear comrades. 

P.S. – Pics of the night here by OUR Art Projects